Who Wouldn’t Want To Hug A Chicken?

Aren’t hugs the best? Hugs from kids, hugs from dogs, hugs from mom, pop, brother, sister…Hugs from friends. Mmmmm. They make you feel great. So why not hug a chicken? Yup. A CHICKEN! Some chickens like hugs. And some humans do too. So this video is EPIC! The way this chicken approaches her human is so sweet. Oh and her name is Twinkie! How cute is that? The chicken is Twinkie, not her human. HAHA!

Here’s a really cool fact about chickens: They have their own language! YUP! Scientists believe that chickens have about 30 distinct sounds they use to communicate with one another. Their language is thought to be so specific that a warning cry for a predator that is coming toward them on the ground is different than the warning cry for a predator that is looming above. Whoa. Chickens are crazzzy smart! Nice!

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