Former Meat Farm Dog Teaches Us All About Our Inner Warrior!

Chi Chi got her miracle, one day, when she was fated to die, left out with the trash in South Korea. Chi Chi was one of many dogs destined for consumption. She was kept in deplorable conditions in a cage. Her body ravaged with injuries.

Then, fate stepped in. Rescuers found her inside a garbage bag in the “dog meat district.” Chi Chi was left to die but she was NOT giving up.

Her eyes told a different story than her body. There was this spark! This will to live! Rescuers, with The Hope Foundation (Nabiya/Irion Project to help injured Animals), scooped her up and took her to be evaluated by a medical team. Her legs, cut and rotted, couldn’t be saved BUT she could be! This is when her journey of healing began.


Source: Chi Chi of ARME/Facebook

The rescuers reached out to ARME in the states so she could find her forever family.


Source: Chi Chi of ARME/Facebook

Chi Chi has since been adopted by a loving pack in Arizona. Every single day, she lights up their world! Her bright spirit, proof that there’s a warrior inside of us all!

Just look at how happy this gal is! Fitted with prosthetics and LOVIN’ LIFE with her new pack!


Source: Chi Chi of ARME/Facebook

Chi Chi and her happy pack having a play session

Said best by Shannon Keith, President & Founder, ARME:

“When we can love through the darkest of dark places, we have truly transcended humanity and become omnipotent. Chi Chi is teaching me this every day.”

Chi Chi’s challenging but wonderful journey. Check out her special costume at the end. Pretty fitting, huh?

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