Cherry, A Rescued Michael Vick Pit Bull, Gets His Best Day (EVER!)

A Pit Bull, named Cherry, that was rescued from Michael Vick’s property, gets the best day ever thanks to BarkBox and many loving people. When Cherry was initially rescued, it was obvious that he NEVER belonged where he was. His calm spirit and loving nature came through in spades! So rescuers knew that Cherry would do well in a loving home.

After intensive testing to ensure that Cherry was not a risk to anyone, he was placed in a home with a family that adores him. What Cherry represents, what he has been through, and the unwavering love he shares, proves that not only can a dog like Cherry conquer the stereotype, he can also give back so much more than he has ever had to take. His ability to trust and forgive humans is a lesson in itself. Aren’t dogs amazing?

Watch as Cherry gets his best day ever… filled with kittens, dog-friendly ice cream sundaes and LOTS and LOTS of love.

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