Cher Is Working To Free A Mall Zoo Gorilla After Saving The World’s Loneliest Elephant

Cher is an icon. And there is another reason to love the diva – she’s a supporter of animals! Earlier this year, Cher was involved in helping an elephant at a Pakistani zoo escape his lonely life. But she didn’t stop there as she is now determined to help Bua Noi, a gorilla living in a zoo inside a Bangkok shopping center.

Bua Noi has spent most of his life, ever since 1988, trapped behind bars at Bangkok’s Pata Zoo. Over the years, Pata Zoo has come under fire from various animal rights activists for its mistreatment of animals. Luckily for Bua Noi, Cher has decided to join the fight for his freedom.

Free the Wild is a charity co-founded by the singer, and together with other animal rights groups, the charity is working hard to get the gorilla released. The welfare groups are hoping that Bua Noi will be getting a fresh start on a nature reserve in the Republic of the Congo.

In an effort to gain awareness for Bua Noi’s plight, Cher posted about his heartbreaking situation on her Twitter.

The Pata Zoo has been silent in the face of Cher’s social media posts. It’s still not clear whether or not they’ve managed to get Bua Noi released, as the zoo has been vocal in the past that any mistreatment claims aren’t true. However, given that Cher is such a big name and her influence has helped free animals in the past, many activists and supporters alike are crossing their fingers that her involvement in Bua Noi’s quest for freedom will have a positive effect.

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We can only hope that Bua Noi eventually does get his freedom. No animal should have to live its life trapped inside a cage.

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