Baby Cheetah Needs A New Friend So The Cincinnati Zoo Adopts A Puppy

Most people tend to separate themselves into two different groups: cat people or dog people. Although there may be plenty of room in the middle, there does tend to be a separation.

After all, dogs and cats have been a matter of debate among humans for as long as we have all existed. In addition, most dogs seem to have a problem getting along with cats, at least in a stereotypical way.

As you are about to see, however, it’s not only possible for dogs and cats to get together in unity, but they can also do so in a most adorable way.

Photo: Twitter/@cincinnatizoo

The Cincinnati Zoo is proving that, because they now have a cheetah and a puppy, and they are going to be best friends. The Cincinnati zoo is a large and popular facility that houses many animals. They take good care of those animals as well, as is seen with what they have done with Rozi.

Rozie has popped up on social media after appearing at the zoo. The updates that they are sharing are melting hearts across the Internet, as it is amazing to see that little cheetah growing and developing.

If you have any doubts as to how adorable these videos can be, you really need to check out this video on Twitter:

Rozi is now at the Cincinnati Zoo as part of their Cat Ambassador Program. This educational and conservation program helps wildcats, including cheetahs, to survive. They also help by educating the public and allowing them to see just how important these big cats are.

A statement was released by the Cincinnati Zoo about Rozi. In that statement, they said that cheetah cubs may be nourished by their mothers but they don’t typically get enough nutrition in that way. People who are specifically trained to care for cheetahs must bottlefeed them.

Although Rozi was in Oregon at first, she was transferred to Cincinnati because they have the facilities necessary to care for the little cat.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

The lead trainer for the program, Linda Castañeda, had the following to say in the statement: “The first few months are important for bonding and building trust, so we will be with her night and day. When she’s ready, she will join the other ambassadors and eventually participate in the Zoo’s Cheetah Encounter.”

Getting enough nutrition is one thing but animals also need companionship. This helps them to grow and develop as they should.

In order to provide Rozi with the companionship she needed, the Cincinnati Zoo decided to rescue a puppy. That little dog was introduced to the world on social media and they even gave the netizens an opportunity to name the puppy, and they chose Daisy.

Rozi and Daisy are not yet together but it is sure to be an adorable event that is captured on video and shared on social media.

Zoo staff are confident that this will be a friendship that will last for a very long time. They know from experience because Kris the cheetah was teamed up in 2019 with Remus the dog.

You can see those two meeting each other for the first time in the video below, and like the millions of other people who have seen it, you will love it.

While it’s possible that the duo will only stay together until the cheetah matures, it’s possible that they’ll enjoy some quality time even as adults.

In fact, it seems as if they are still going quite well together, as we can tell from this September 2021 Facebook post:

Kris and Remus are ready for bed. They still have sleepovers together most nights and play in the running yard. They…

Posted by Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden on Friday, September 10, 2021

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