Meet Chupey: The Adorable and Unique Rescue Dog Who Has Captivated Thousands On Instagram and TikTok

Meet Chupey, the adorable and unique rescue dog who has captured the hearts of thousands with his extraordinary journey. A little ball of fur and joy, Chupey’s life took an unexpected turn when he found his way into the compassionate care of Kaley Mitchell, a dedicated animal lover who had been involved in rescue work for several years.

Chupey is a special rescue dog who has amassed thousands of followers on Instagram and TikTok.
Photo: Instagram / cheers.for.chupey
Chupey is a special rescue dog who has amassed thousands of followers and friends on Instagram and TikTok.

In her work, Kayley was used to receiving calls from unknown individuals seeking help for various animals. One particular family contacted her, stating that their puppy was experiencing seizures. Despite offering to assist them, the family initially brushed off her help. However, a year later, they reached out again, having moved to a different location in Georgia, informing her that their dog had another litter of puppies. Among them was a peculiar-looking puppy, resembling a bear cub with squinty eyes and adorable quirks.

“They sent me a picture of this puppy and I had never seen anything like it,” Kayley says. “I’ve been around hundreds of puppies and I’ve never seen one like him.”

A Journey of Discovery

Kayley took it upon herself to provide the puppy, now known as Chupey, with the necessary care and attention. She fostered him, intending to find him a forever family. However, Chupey’s unique appearance and endearing personality stole her heart, and he became a cherished member of her family.

As Chupey grew, Kayley noticed some developmental delays, which she attributed to potential neglect from his previous environment. Though he was 8 weeks old, Chupey seemed more like a 4-week old puppy.

“I thought maybe with some you know nutrition and proper health that seemed to help and he you know now mentally he’s completely normal,” Kayley says. “He doesn’t have any delays in that regard.”

A series of vet visits revealed that Chupey had a stunted liver, requiring dietary adjustments. A DNA test was conducted to uncover his genetic makeup.

“He has a partial trisomy of his sixth chromosome,” Kayley says. “A lot of people ask if it is doggy Down syndrome. It’s not. There’s no such thing is Down Syndrome in dogs. It’s just a trisomy that can occur on any chromosome.”

Chupey’s condition is a partial trisomy, which means a portion of one of his chromosomes is not duplicated. This DNA discovery still doesn’t completely explain the dog’s unique look, however.

“We don’t have any true answers as to why he looks the way he does,” Kayley says. “But we still hope to one day find out.”

Neglect and the Plight of Stray Dogs

Chupey’s story also shed light on the challenges faced by animals in warmer regions, such as the Southeastern United States. Neglect can be a prevalent issue in such areas, as the mild climate allows animals to survive outdoors without adequate care, Kayley says. Owners often lack awareness or understanding of proper pet care, leading to neglect and the perpetuation of breeding cycles.

“Down here in the southeast, we are drowning in stray dogs,” Kayley says.

Kayley says Chupey’s former owners didn’t necessarily abuse the dog, but they didn’t go out of their way to provide necessary care, either.

“They had dogs, they had several of them on the property,” she says. “Nobody was fixed,”

Chupey’s mother was heartworm positive and received no prenatal care, eventually giving birth to her litter under a shed where other animals could easily get to them.

“I’m glad that I didn’t wait any longer to get to him,” Kayleay says. “Who knows what could have happened?”

Chupey’s Positive Impact

When Chupey is in a playful mood, “You wouldn’t know that he feels any different than any other dog,” Kayleay says.

“He runs a ton. He never stops running. He’s always playing,” she says. “He’ll play fetch with you until he collapses That’s his favorite thing.”

Chupey’s extraordinary journey has garnered a significant following on social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok.

“I’m particularly close to the Instagram family because of the nature of that app and the Instagram special needs dog community and even cat community,” Kayley says. “They’re all very, very close to each other and we all kind of chat and talk with each other. We all know each other by our first names.”

While Chupey’s unique appearance and vibrant personality has inspired countless individuals, Kayley has also connected with the special needs pet community on Instagram, where they support each other and share their heartwarming stories.

I’ve met a lot of people through Chupey, whether it be online or in person who said ‘I was inspired to adopt this three legged dog, this dog with one eye, this dog that has diabetes,’ something that is just a little bit different that classifies them to special needs.”

Chupey’s impact goes beyond his own life. His social media presence and followers facilitated the rescue of three other hairless puppies, saving them from a life on the streets. It was after Christmas 2021 when Kayley received a message on Instagram. Someone found two little puppies on the streets of Puerto Rico.

“I was shocked,” Kayley says. “These two little puppies looked exactly like my dog.”

The compassion and support of Chupey’s online community have helped these pups find loving homes where they, too, can experience the happiness and care they deserve.

“The only reason those three dogs aren’t on the street is because of Chupey’s family,” Kayley says. “We managed to get those puppies from the streets of Puerto Rico, we got them to a vet, we got them healthy, we got them on a plane and we got them sent here to Georgia to me. Then I found them homes.

“One of the puppies wound up in Tennessee and the other in Michigan. Now I’m friends with all of those owners and all those dogs and I post them to Instagram every Friday so that people can stay updated on these dogs,” Kayley says. “They helped make a difference and they helped save these dogs’ lives.”

A Message of Resilience and Acceptance

Chupey’s story holds two essential messages. The first message is to always face life with a smile, no matter the circumstances. Chupey’s ever-present smile serves as a reminder that positivity can make a significant difference in our lives. Despite his rough start, Chupey embraced each day with joy, proving that a smile can brighten even the darkest moments.

The second message is to give rescue and special needs pets a chance. Many may shy away from adopting such animals due to unknown pasts or concerns about their behavior. However, Chupey’s story stands as a testament to the incredible love and loyalty that these animals have to offer. With proper care, patience, and understanding, they can become cherished companions who enrich our lives in countless ways.

As Chupey continues to spread joy and inspire others, he stands as a beacon of hope for all animals in need of a loving home. His tale serves as a reminder that love and acceptance can heal even the deepest wounds, and that every pet, regardless of their background, deserves a chance at a forever family.

Learn more about Chupey and his inspiring journey on his Instagram page.

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