During Winter Months, Save a Life and Check Before You Drive!

A warning spreading across the U.K. could very well be applied to the U.S. or any other nation that experiences cold, blustery winters. That warning is to check beneath your vehicle and around the wheel wells for cats and other small creatures that might be looking for a break from wind or snow before starting it up.

cats under a car
Photo: Pixabay/Surprising_Shots

Animals Searching for Warmth

Every so often you read about a cat or squirrel that managed to get up into the engine compartment and someone starting the car or truck before realizing something was wrong. Cats in search of a windscreen will also sleep tucked into wheel wells snuggled atop tires. While they can make a more comfortable perch, it’s a good way for them to become injured if they can’t extract themselves before the vehicle begins to roll.

cat on tire
Photo: Pixabay/rihaij

Winter Driving Precautions

According to the advice shared by Tim Alcock from LeaseCar.uk, “No driver wants to be responsible for the death of somebody’s beloved pet cat, but on these cold mornings, it’s important to bear in mind that someone’s furry friend may be peacefully slumbering under the car.
We’re asking every driver to spend a couple of minutes checking for any pets that might be lurking around the tires or under the car. If you do find a cat under the car, give it a nudge or shoo it away before turning the engine on and gently pulling away. It’s important for all drivers to be aware of this and not just those who own cats. After all, cats don’t just target their owner’s cars for a snooze. Any vehicle is fair game to them.”

cat under car
Photo: Pixabay/manfredrichter

Check First, Pop the Hood

If this is something that you’ve heard of in your neighborhood, it might be a good idea to pop the hood as well, just in case something’s managed to squeeze in during the night. Sometimes it can take a few minutes of straining and forcing to get into these tight spots, and it can be a lot tougher to get out of them — especially under stressful circumstances. So, take a quick peek and put your mind at rest before you turn the key.

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