Six Toed Rescue Kitten Bonds With Her New Sibling In Her Own Adorable Way

Charlie is a very special kitten with the cutest personality! She loves her new sibling. Especially his tail! Charlie also has six toes on each paw, referred to as Polydactyl.

It is a harmless condition that also affects a large colony of cats in Key West that has descended from a cat given to Ernest Hemingway by a ship’s captain. How cool is that?

Source: YouTube/The Meow Post
Source: YouTube/The Meow Post

I love Polydactyl cats! I had one as a small child. Isn’t Charlie adorable? LOVE HER!

So remember this: Adopt, don’t shop! Many cats still languish in shelters. You can do your part in supporting cats across the country by donating time or hours to these deserving facilities, or adopting a rescue animal yourself.

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In the meantime, watch the adorable action below!

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