Meet The Most Adorable Bunny… On Two Wheels!

When Charles was found trapped beneath a garden hose, she had a broken spine and little hope of hopping again, but that didn’t stop her humans from rescuing and adopting her. They originally thought she was a boy so they named her Charles. They now call her ChiChi. How cute is that?!

Elise Oliphant and her fiance decided they would do whatever it took to give ChiChi a happy, healthy life. They did bunny rehab and strengthened ChiChi’s muscles. They also contacted a doggy wheelchair company, called Dogs To Go, and got ChiChi her own set of wheels so she can get around better on her own.

Now, ChiChi is livin’ the good life and has a new love interest named Mr. Magoo. The family is happy and celebrating a bunny who may just be the cutest thing on two wheels.

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