Dog Rescued From 4 Years On A Chain Finds Comfort With The Help Of A Kitten

Chapo was on the euthanasia list at a shelter in Houston, TX. Things weren’t looking up for him.

After years of being neglected, left tied to a chain without proper food, shelter, or water, he was finally rescued and taken into a shelter – but he wasn’t receiving any offers for adoption. So, he sat at the shelter awaiting his fate.

Thankfully, things turned around the sweet dog when an avid foster mom, Claudia, arrived at the shelter and saw that he needed help. Claudia offered to foster Chapo until a forever home was found so he wouldn’t be euthanized, and the shelter agreed.

Photo: Instagram/houstonfosterdogmom

Claudia explained on Instagram, “[Chapo] was surrendered with 5 of his siblings. All of them were tied to chains for 4 years and are in bad shape…Chapo is a very good boy and I am so happy to introduce him to the good life!”

According to The Dodo, Chapo took a while to adjust to life at his new foster home. He would sit at the door and stare for hours. When he’d fall asleep, he’d start trembling.

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He slowly started to relax a little, but it wasn’t until he met Cicely that things really got better for him.

Claudia received a call to foster a feral kitten someone had found, and she agreed despite being concerned about the dynamic of having a rescue dog and feral kitten under the same roof. She named the kitten Cicely and kept the little feline separate from the rest of the house while she recovered from scabies and other illnesses.

When Cicely was finally healthy enough to meet Chapo, an amazing thing happened: The two instantly hit it off.

The two began to cuddle and sleep near one another, often with Cicely tucked under Chapo’s arm. It seemed that they both were exactly what the other needed – a sense of comfort, security, and kinship. Claudia wrote on Instagram, “The romance continues…just a couple of 4-leggers that once had all of the cards stacked against them. They are a strong pair and it totally makes sense that they enjoy each other’s company.”

The two bonded for the time that Cicely was in the home, but eventually, she found her forever family with a doctor.

Even though she went on to live with a new family, the impact she made on Chapo was lasting. He was more confident, nurturing, and secure in the home with Claudia.

Photo: Unsplash/Ruby Schmank

Though months passed, Chapo still hadn’t received any adoption offers, and Claudia made the realization that he fit so well in her own home. She shared that she usually wouldn’t consider adopting because it would take away from her work as a foster parent, but with Chapo, something changed.

He became her foster fail and gave him the forever home and love he never had. Watch the video below:

You can follow Claudia and Chapo on Instagram, @houstonfosterdogmom.

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