Monster Attempted To Drown Puppy In Garbage Bag With Heavy Rocks

Two Kentucky state highway workers noticed something sticking out of a partially frozen creek. They approached and were shocked to see that it was the head of a puppy poking out of a garbage bag. Without hesitation, one of the men leaped in the freezing water to rescue the puppy.

The puppy was rushed to Scott County Animal Shelter, where she was examined and named Chapel. When the puppy arrived at the shelter she was lethargic and hypothermic, but thanks to the quick actions by the staff she was saved. Chapel was examined by a vet and they discovered she had congenital defect of her eyes.

“She appears to be an Australian Shep or a Border Collie. Someone had put her in a trash bag, then they put that bag inside another bag with 3 large rocks and dumped it in the creek in Sadieville on 32 and Boyers Chapel Rd. She had wiggled her little head out of the bag and that was the only thing sticking out of the water. When the men spotted her, one waded into the freezing water and rescued her. The creek is partially frozen over and the bag was wedged under some ice, so it had most likely been tossed over,” posted the shelter.

Chapel is on the road to recovery. She will be transferred to Speak for the Unspoken Rescue, where she will continue to recover and eventually be put up for adoption.

Photo: Facebook/Scott County Animal Shelter

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“The puppy just got back to the shelter, and after getting her belly full, she’s taking a nap. We think she’s going to make a full recovery, her prognosis is good,” posted the shelter.

Meanwhile, the public is outraged that someone could treat an innocent puppy this way. The person responsible needs to be found and prosecuted. “It is uncalled for and we need harsher penalties. If we had harsher penalties for things like this, people may think before they act,” said Nathan, Animal Control Officer. Anyone with information is asked to call Scott County Animal Shelter at 502-863-7897.

Photos: Facebook/Scott County Animal Shelter

The shelter reminds people that if you can no longer care for your pet to bring them to your local shelter. They personally have open intake, where they do not ask questions but save the pet.

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