He Survived The Unthinkable Thanks To One Little Girl

Republished with permission from GreaterGood.org.

In a recent post, we introduced you to an initiative by the Soi Dog Foundation to provide humane education to children in Thailand. Along with supplying books, videos, activities, and other teaching materials to classrooms, the program trains teachers to provide specialized animal welfare education. It is designed to help the students mature into compassionate adults that will protect the animal population rather than exploit it.

Recently, a courageous young girl illustrated exactly how humane education saves animals. After learning about the importance of animal welfare, she was able to save the precious life of a little dog named Chang.

How Humane Education is Saving Animals - A successful story of the importance of nurturing compassion for animals in children. - GreaterGood.org

She found Chang after he was brutally attacked by a group of men with a machete. While he had managed to escape the attack, he would have died from the injuries he sustained. Fortunately, this young girl had learned what to do in this type of situation. She reported the incident and the dog was rescued. Since then, Chang has made a miraculous recovery.

It is easy to see the impact of the Soi Dog Foundation’s program to nurture compassion for animals in children through the example of this brave young girl. If she hadn’t received the humane education, this story might have had a very different outcome. That is why it is absolutely crucial that the program continues to reach even more children.

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