Golden Retriever Refuses To Let A Pile Of Laundry Get In His Way

A hilarious golden retriever in Minnesota knows what he wants and he’s not going to let a pile of clean laundry get in his way.

Chandler the golden retriever lives with his owner, Sydney Paige, and she regularly posts videos of him on TikTok.

Photo: TikTok/@sydneytpaige

In a recent clip, you can see Chandler right after he got a treat.

Of course, he wanted to eat his treat somewhere comfortable so he immediately went for the couch but there was one problem: a heaping pile of laundry littered his spot on the couch.

Photo: TikTok/@sydneytpaige

Rather than settling on top of the laundry or finding a new spot, Chandler hopped onto the couch and started kicking the laundry off!

Many dog owners might’ve been upset by the dog’s antics, but Syndey took the moment in stride and filmed him instead.

Photo: TikTok/@sydneytpaige

Sydney shared a video of the hilarious moment and captioned the post: “How Chandler felt about working on a holiday.”

You can see Chandler at work for yourself in the video below:

@sydneytpaige How Chandler felt about working on a holiday. #fyp #foryoupage #k18results #dogsoftiktok #dog #holiday #viral #funny ♬ I Don’t Give A… – Lil Jon & The East Side Boyz

What a silly pup. If you want to see more of Chandler and his family, you can follow Sydney on TikTok, @sydneytpaige.

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