Abused Dogs Learns To Smile Again And Loves Playing In The Snow

When a dog in Alabama began to suffer abuse at the hands of his owner, a family member took him to a shelter.

When the poor pup made it into the shelter, the signs of abuse were clear: He was suffering a broken jaw and was missing all of the teeth on one side of his mouth.

Despite that, it was clear he just wanted to be loved.

Thankfully, a rescue organization in Minnestoa stepped in and transported the dog, named Chance, to their rescue where he could undergo surgeries and finally find his loving forever home. After his surgeries though, he still had a unique smile – something that may make it hard for him to find a home.

However, it wasn’t long after he was put up for adoption that a wonderful woman stepped in and offered him a family. In an interview with GeoBeat Animals, she said, “I love his smile..I just love him so much.”

She explained that the pup was so friendly and eager to please, though he was a bit of a goofball at times. One of his favorite things to do is dig!

Chance will dig and dig in sand and dirt, but he especially loves to dig in the snow. Coming from Alabama, he wasn’t familiar with snow when he first arrived in his new home, but that quickly changed.

dog in snow
Photo: flickr/smerikal
Chance the rescue dog
Photo: YouTube/GeoBeats Animals

After getting familiar with the icy white stuff, the sweet dog couldn’t stay away from it! “Minnesota’s the perfect place for him, that’s for sure,” his mama said.

Watch the video below:

You can keep up with Chance on Instagram, @chancetherescuedog17.

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