Officers Save Abandoned Dog Chained Up And Left To Die On Lonely Beach

The pandemic has been devasting for America’s pets, who are being abandoned by people who can’t even bother bringing them to a shelter. But one man took this worrying trend to cruel heights by dumping his dog at a lonely beach in Massachusetts, where the pit bull was chained up and left to drown as the tide swept in.

“The dog was left in a secluded portion of the beach close to the waterline,” Massachusetts State Police wrote on Facebook, explaining how the dog was chained to a piece of rebar only visible at low tide.

Posted by Massachusetts State Police on Monday, September 6, 2021

“During certain parts of the day this portion of the beach is completely submerged, with the tide rising as high as street level, past the point where the dog was chained,” officers recalled. “The dog was at risk of drowning in a couple of hours if he hadn’t been found.”

Thankfully, somebody noticed the abandoned dog and called the police. Officers arrived to find the lonely pup was also anchored into his watery grave by a thick metal chain weighed down by a large rock.

After the pit bull mix was rescued, the dog — who is reportedly named Killer — was brought to a local shelter to recover while police looked for his owner.

Posted by Massachusetts State Police on Monday, September 6, 2021

Officers started their search by checking security cameras from nearby apartments. Three different cameras showed a male suspect walking the dog towards the beach; a fourth video captured the man walking his dog down to the ramp to his watery grave.

Police eventually arrested a 27-year old man named Elias Pacheco Osario, who admitted to owning and abandoning the dog. “I did it because my mind was overwhelmed and I didn’t know what to do,” Pacheco Osario told NBC Boston through an interpreter.

Photo: Pixabay

According to the station, the expecting father said he tried surrendering the dog–who allegedly didn’t get along with his landlord, his pregnant wife, or the family cat–to a shelter. When nobody picked up, Pacheco Osario claimed he abandoned the dog in desperation.

“I can’t deal with this anymore. I don’t know what to do so I sent emails, called the shelter – they didn’t answer – to see if I can leave the dog there,” Killer’s owner told NBC Boston. “And that’s why (made) my decision of leaving it there and I left it with food. And I know I did wrong.”


Posted by Massachusetts State Police on Monday, September 6, 2021

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