Dumped In A Cemetery, Angel Was Left To Die, Then Her Angels Showed Up…

Every dog, no matter what they look like or what they’re going through is beautiful and worthy of love!

Angel, a small white dog, was dumped at a cemetery. She was riddled with infection and heartworms. She was picked up by volunteers and taken in by a local shelter. The medical team assessed her and she was in “ruff” shape. Her eyes showed a kind of sadness that breaks your heart. She felt defeated. But no one was about to give up on Angel! Even if she was starting to give up on herself.


Soon, she was placed in a foster home. With love, playtime, cuddles and proper medical treatment, she began to recover. This once defeated dog now had something to live for!

Angel’s recovery is slow but steady! Her body is beginning to heal. Her hair is growing back from falling out in patches. She even has the energy to play with her foster siblings.


While Angel’s story is a sad one, it does have a happy ending. Her transformation is going to make your heart swell. Her story is proof that it’s never too late! Giving up is NEVER an option!

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