Her Family Called Her Ugly And Said They Never Wanted Her, Then Threw Her Off A Balcony

A little dog named Celia was living with a family who didn’t treat her right. They called her ugly and said they never even wanted her. Then their five-year-old child threw her off a two-story balcony. She survived the fall, but shattered her leg on impact.

Thankfully, PETA stepped up to save Celia. They x-rayed her leg, and unfortunately the injuries were so severe that the leg needed to be amputated. The fall may have broken her leg, but it didn’t break her spirit.

Despite everything she’s been through, Celia is a very playful and friendly pup. She loves meeting new people, eating treats, and playing like a normal dog.

The best part of all? Celia was adopted into a loving home! Now she will always be with people who not only think she’s beautiful on the inside and out, but who will also shower her with love for the rest of her life!

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