Adorable Puppy Proves Eating Healthy Can Be A Challenge

Dieting can be RUFF. HA!

Healthy eating is a big deal. We see it everywhere. Eating clean. Staying fit. But “fur” some, eating healthy isn’t always an easy thing to do. Take this pup for instance. That elusive piece of celery is taunting him but he’s trying his best. Can anyone watch this and not giggle? Or at least sport a smile? I know I can’t!

Living healthy isn’t just about diet and exercise. Our pets actually aid, in many ways, to keep us on a healthier path of life. Don’t believe me? Read all about it here! Pets can lower blood pressure, keep us moving more, and when they make us smile, all the good chemicals in our body are released and we feel good too!

Having a pet benefits us and them! But remember to adopt. There are so many wonderful animals waiting for good people just like you! And if there isn’t room for one more in your home then consider volunteering. Many local shelters and organizations need an extra hand. Or consider becoming a foster parent. Fostering is the best of both worlds. You can help animals in need and get your animal love fix in. High paw!

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