Do You Love Watching Cat Videos? Then We’ve Got Great News for You!

A recent study revealed some good news for cat lovers! It turns out, the adorable cat videos we all love might actually be good for our health: increasing energy and improving your mood.

Last year alone, over 2 million cat videos were uploaded to YouTube, yielding a staggering 26 billion views; this motivated assistant professor Jessica Gall Myick of Indiana University Medical Center to conduct the study. Myick, with the assistance of Mike Bridavsky, owner of the Internet sensation Lil’ Bub, set out to get a better understanding of this permeative cultural phenomenon.

Lil' Bub

Over 7,000 people were surveyed and asked to report the feelings they experienced after watching cat videos. Participants were broken down into two categories: people who identified as “cat people” (36%) and people who identified as both cat and dog people (approximately 60%). The goal of the study was to determine if this fun internet pastime could play a role in pet therapy, and also establish whether the positive effects of watching these videos outweighed the stress and guilt often associated with what may be viewed as a time-wasting activity.

Myrick discovered that people described an increase in positivity and a decrease in negative feelings, like stress. Moreover, it seems the pleasure derived from watching the videos outweighed the feeling of guilt resulting from interrupting work to view them.  So, it looks like we can all continue enjoying the kittens of the internet, guilt-free!

Enjoy this… for your health!

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