CatsRCool: Banishing The Stereotype Of Shelter Cats

The statistics about cats in shelters are alarming. Each year, about 6-8 million animals enter the shelter, and half of those animals never make it out. Of these animals that never find their homes, 70-80% of them are cats. Although things have improved over the years, there is still a long way to go before there is a permanent change in the shelter system. CatsRCool partnered with Jackson Galaxy and the Animal Rescue Site, and together they are working to change the perception of shelter cats. It is their goal to educate everyone on how cats can (and will) enrich your life and become loving family members in your household. Determined to banish the negative stereotype that revolves around shelter cats, CatsRCool focuses on public education, shelter outreach, and grants.

Learn more about this worthy cause by watching the video, and by heading to CatsRCool to read more about how you can help!

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