I May Have Found My New Secretary ;-)

A friend once said “I was born in the 80’s, I still use my phone as a phone,” which is pretty telling! Most of us would rather just text, and screening calls is the norm. It’s especially annoying to have to run across the room to grab the phone, only to see an annoying sales call. One great solution is to get a secretary, although most people don’t have that need or the ability to get one. However, sometimes there are creative ways to fix the problem, like conscripting your dog or cat to help out!

This is purr-fect. Seriously. The phone keeps ringing and since no one is answering it, the cat must do what she has to. LOL. The best is her expression when she’s done nudging the phone into position…and then politely leaves. HILARIOUS! I think she may have a future in tech support. What do you think?


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