50% Of Cats Do Not Receive Health Exams: Why It’s A Must

FK_HealthyCat_325x400Your pretty kitty may look healthy, and taking them to the doc is far from your mind. But little do you know that your cat could be one of more than half of the 74 million cats in the U.S. that don’t receive proper healthcare.

Veterinary groups recommend cats receive annual checkups just like their human counterparts, but recent studies by Bayer Healthcare and the American Association of Feline Practitioners have found we could be at fault for the lack of extra care our kitties need.

Just like how many of us dread going to the doctors, the reaction you get from your cat when you prepare to take them to a check-up along with the following assumptions we make, may be what makes us a little apprehensive or not realize the importance of taking them to the clinic.

  • When taking in a lost or abandoned cat, most pet owners do not receive the health care instructions that are necessary.
  • You may admire how stoic your kitty may be, but his unfazed demeanor may also be giving you mixed signals. Don’t be surprised if your cat is able to hide signs of illness or injury so it’s better to keep an eye out even if they’re not telling/showing you.
  • Even though your cat may be living indoors in the comfort of your home, it doesn’t mean they’re safe from disease or sickness. Be aware that animals have the ability to develop conditions such as diabetes, heart conditions, and thyroid deficiencies no matter where they live.

But with these things in mind, Bayer has a few recommendations to make keeping an eye out on your pretty kitty a bit easier.

“Place an open carrier near a cat’s usual resting place to get him or her use to it. They suggest learning the signs of illness and injury, including changes in interaction, activity, sleeping habits, food and water consumption, grooming and vocalization; unexplained weight loss or gain; signs of stress; and bad breath.”

So for the sake of a healthy, long, life together, make that appointment with your fancy feline’s health provider to make sure they’re in tip top shape!

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