What Could Make the Winter Olympics More Fun to Watch? Cats!

The Winter Olympics are in full swing, and so are adoring cat fans.

Cats love to chase anything that moves fast, including Olympians on the television. Cats are increasingly becoming spectators as the winter weather hinders their bird chasing.

Cats are batting and eagerly trying to catch the snowboarders, skaters, skiers, and anyone else zooming across the screen. They refuse to give up and continue to follow the Olympians all over the screen. These cats deserve a gold medal for persistence.

Photo:Facebook/Andy Slamans
Photo: Facebook/Andy Slamans

Even if you are not into the Olympics, these cats trying to bat Olympians off the television will have you laughing.

Screen Shot: Youtube/Michael ibeam Cline
Screen Shot: Youtube/Michael ibeam Cline

Cats are unpredictable and so entertaining. That is just one reason why we love them!

Watch this fierce competitive cat take on a snowboarder in the video below.

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