Cat Siblings Recreate Iconic “Lion King” Scene

When my brother and I were kids, we loved to recreate movie scenes together and play-act the most thrilling moments from whatever we had just watched (probably Star Wars, or a superhero movie).

It’s nice to see that it wasn’t just us — others enjoy it too!

One pair of cat siblings on social media has delighted viewers with their very own recreation of the dramatic confrontation between Scar and Mufasa from Disney’s “The Lion King:”

Photo: flickr/Loren Javier

The siblings, who go by @Snazzyypets on Instagram and TikTok, were playing around on their climbing post, when one began to slip off.

The other watched with indifference as he struggled before he finally let go and landed (on all four paws, of course) on the ground below.

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A mundane moment, sure. But when overlaid with this iconic exchange:

“Brother — help me!”
“Long live the king!”

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

The comedy shines right through. It’s cute to see these two, who are seal point ragdoll and Himalayan cross-breeds, mirror the body language and attitude of their bigger siblings.

Their owner notes that the pair are “mischief makers,” who are always having fun or getting on each others’ nerves.

The original TikTok post went viral, garnering 15 million views.

As a follow-up, the same video was overlaid with audio from another iconic 90’s blockbuster, this time getting the love-story treatment courtesy of the heartbreaking final scene from “Titanic:”

For me, what makes this clip great, with either dub, is the subtly escalating tension and drama, which suddenly ends right as the falling cat lands on all four paws, completely unphased and unpanicked.

Watch more from these two trouble makers here, or follow them on Instagram!

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