Cats Recreate Famous Scene From ‘The Lion King’

Two cats perfectly recreated the iconic scene from The Lion King where Scar pushes Mufasa off the cliff.

Mariah Garret was at home when she noticed her two cats had climbed onto the top of an upturned mattress. They were taking the bedframe apart, so the mattress was sitting on its side, with the top of it resting clear up by the ceiling.

Knowing her cats and the mischief they get into, Garrett pulled out a camera to record the little felines in action, but she never could’ve guessed what they were about to do.

Photo: TikTok/mariahgarrett_

In the video she shared on TikTok, you can see the two cats, a black cat and an orange cat, recreate the scene from The Lion King. The reenactment was so spot-on that Garrett was even able to add a voice-over of the original movie’s audio and it matches up perfectly!

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Both cats start on top of the mattress, but the orange tabby slips and clings onto the side, reaching her paws up for help.

Photo: TikTok/mariahgarrett_

Much to her dismay, the black cat doesn’t offer help and instead paws at the tabby until she falls a little further down.

Eventually, the black cat paws one last time and the orange cat falls her to doom (or in this case, the bedroom floor).

The video received over 3 million views and thousands of comments, with many people joking that the cats must’ve rehearsed for hours.

Photo: TikTok/mariahgarrett_
Photo: TikTok/mariahgarrett_

One person said, “You clearly just posted a clip of the original movie.”

Watch the clip below:

You can see more of Garrett’s cats on her TikTok, @mariahgarrett_.

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