Here Are A Few Reasons Why Bathing Your Cat Might Not Be a Bad Idea

Most people have heard that cats hate water. And that seems to be fine since cats seem to have a pretty good handle of taking care of their grooming on their own.

Believe it or not, some breeds of cats love the water!

This one, for instance, doesn’t mind the occasional soapy coat.


And she’s not alone. Here’s a whole compilation of wet pets, just soaking up the fun!

Whether you cat appreciates water or not, there are some real benefits to giving your beloved feline an occasional bath. Cats are normally fastidious groomers, but there are a few cases that would make giving your cat bath a wise decision:

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  • Skincare: Sometimes, even after all the cat’s personal grooming and daily brushing from you, a cat may still have an oily coat.
  • Coat maintenance: Longhaired cats who get occasional baths are less likely to develop tangles and mats in their hair.
  • Helping a Senior Cat: As cats age, some are prone to arthritis or other medical conditions that make it difficult for them to maintain the grooming routine they kept when younger.
  • Cutting down on hairballs: Baths can help remove dead skin, loose hairs, and dirt from their coat that they would otherwise have to swallow as they cleaned themselves. Cutting down on the amount of debris they ingest helps prevent hairballs from forming.
  • Close encounters of the skunk kind: If your cat has a run-in with a skunk or other smelly substance, it’s best to try to bathe your cat before the skunk spray dries. If your cat frequents the outdoors, it’s wise to keep a bottle of anti-skunk spray in your home as the next few minutes will be critical to making sure that smell goes away!
  • Ticks and fleas: Sometimes, despite our best preventative efforts, our beloved felines get invaded by these terrible insects. A bath designed to kill the parasites is often effective.
  • Keeping Your Home Clean: Regular bathing and brushing cuts down on the amount of dander and loose hairs that are naturally shed by your cat, which can help keep your home clean.

If your cat is healthy and doing a great job of maintain their coat on their own, however, there’s very little reason to force a bath on them if they hate water.

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