This FURRR-O-CIOUS Cat Battle Will Cure Any Bad Day

Two cats go head to head in the most brutal battle of all time. HAH! More like brutally adorable! How can anyone not love cats?

They’re such furry characters. Behaviors such as this one aren’t so shocking when you are around cats. They never fail to surprise me in the funny department! (AND CUTENESS DEPARTMENT!)

Source: Facebook/LADBible
Source: Facebook/LADBible

If you loved that image, then this video will totally make your day! An adorable pack of senior chihuahuas were living the good life. They had all they could ever need or want. But then one day, their human brought home a two week old kitten that she had saved. No one was sure how the chi clan would react.

But they certainly weren’t prepared for this kind of magic! They welcome Rosalita into their pack and the cuteness is off the charts! CLICK HERE and get ready to fall in love with the cutest fur-group of all time!

In the meanwhile, watch the cute kitty battle below!

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