Artist Puts Cat Faces On Other Animals’ Bodies And It’s Just What We Need Right Now

When somebody has artistic talent, they often pick a particular subject and dedicate a lot of time to it. That is what we see from Russian artist Koty Vezde, who seems to have a real love for cats. In fact, she combined her artistic skills with her love of felines by superimposing faces of cats right on to the bodies of other animals. It’s exactly what we all need during coronavirus.

When speaking with POPSUGAR, the artist had a lot of good to say about cats. She even said that they are one of the pillars on which the Internet rests! You may not know it, but in Russia, cats are more popular than dogs, so it was something that was near and dear to her heart.

After Koty realized how much people love her art, she made an Instagram account and started posting the pictures. She has over 100,000 followers and gets a lot of kudos from people around the world.

You can see some of her work below:

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