No Lazy Cats Allowed ;-) How To Get Your Cat Up And Moving!


How many of you out there have a cat that prefers to lie about? If you raised your hand then welcome to the majority of cat owners. This is a typical, and lovable, trait of felines. It is our job to encourage play and exercise so our cats can live a fuller and healthier life.

Cats that don’t get enough exercise or stimulation aren’t just prone to gaining weight. A bored cat can become a destructive cat. Boredom can also lead to depression. And no one wants their fur baby feeling blue 🙁

Here are some feline approved options to getting your cat up and moving:

A running wheel is a great idea, and this cat is a running machine! At :30, he inspired me to get up and run around the block… TWICE!

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Or sometimes a cat’s best inspiration to exercise and get in shape is another cat! Marmalade purr-fers to work out with his best buddy, Cole.

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How ’bout a cat on a leash? We don’t see that too often, I know but hey, it works for some kitties– and they get to see the outside world.

All those sights and smells are invigorating! After that kind of workout, your cat is guaranteed to be exhausted (so they can lie about some more LOL!)

Here’s a great leash-walking tutorial with Didga!

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Exercising your cat doesn’t have to be a one man show. Here’s some great tips on doing it as a team. This form of exercise is fun for them and fun for you. Plus, it promotes bonding. YAY!

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Your cat is your world so keeping them healthy and happy is a top priority. Remember, your cat doesn’t always know what’s good for them. It’s your job to promote a healthy lifestyle. Living healthy leads to living happy!


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