Watch Persistent Cats And Dogs Interrupting People Working From Home

Dogs and cats are some hilarious creatures who can have truly funny traits. These animals may be our best friends but they also like to get their way. In fact, they will stop at nothing to do so.

Anyone who has ever tried to work from home can attest to this. Now that more of us have been on a work-from-home schedule, our pets have gotten to see more of us.

That does not mean that they are getting any more respectful, though. Our animals want what they want when they want it.

Photo: LibreShot

Cats are the masters of waiting until you are otherwise occupied and then diving their way into the mix. Funny Videos Compilation is here to showcase some of the best clips that you are ever going to see in this regard.

There are two different compilations for you to enjoy but they are both amusing in their own right. That’s why you need to make sure to watch both of them.

If you are a pet owner (or even if you spend a lot of time around pets), you are sure to notice a few similarities in how these animals act. The best part of all is all of the varied locations where these animals come barging into the picture.

Photo: YouTube/Funny videos compilation

Even those who do not work at home are not safe from the intrusions of these animals, as you will soon see.

Our favorite part is when the television weatherman is left to contend with a dog who has decided that they are going to make their way into the report.

Photo: YouTube/Funny videos compilation

Those who have had animals ruin their video chats are also going to love these videos. They do not have any concept of the fact that we are trying to conduct important business.

In their minds, everything is fair game and we are always going to love them so much for that. Watch the videos below:

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