Morty and Pretzel Cause Humans Everywhere to Reconsider This Old Wives’ Tale

Common wisdom holds that cats and dogs don’t get along, but this wasn’t the case with Pretzel and Morty, a 9oz.-rescue kitten and the big-hearted dog who became his “mother.”

Pretzel’s human is a teacher named Kimberly, who heard the tiny kitten mewing from the back of the Maui-based school where she worked. Realizing the tiny kitten was too small to make it alone, Kimberly wrapped Pretzel in a beach towel and took him home, where she started a round-the-clock bottle feeding and antibiotic treatments.

Photo: Instagram/Pretzel the Kitten
Photo: Instagram/Pretzel the Kitten

Nor was Kimberly’s dog, Morty, going to just idly stand by. The teacher admits she was initially wary of how the dog might respond to his traditional nemesis, but Morty took everyone off guard when he licked the kitten’s face clean and started following it around the house.

Since then, Morty and Pretzel have grown virtually inseparable — napping, snuggling, and wrestling. They’re basically joined at the hip, at least as much as a cat and dog can be.

Photo: Instagram/Pretzel the Kitten
Photo: Instagram/Pretzel the Kitten

“The dog and the cat love each other,” Kimberly told Love Meow,” adding that Pretzel “definitely” considers Morty her ‘mom,’ who in turn offers protective guidance as the kitten explores her new home. The dog also demonstrates a motherly patience as the kitten bats at birds through the window and climbs anything she can get her paws on, including Morty himself.

Photo: Instagram/ Pretzel the Kitten
Photo: Instagram/ Pretzel the Kitten

Three weeks after her rescue, Pretzel has gained a healthy level of weight and a striking mischievousness suggestive of a perfectly healthy young cat. And regardless of how she might feel about dogs when she gets older, it’s clear that at least one pooch will always hold a very special place in this kitten’s heart.

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