You Love Your Cat, But Does Your Cat Really Love You?

Cats get a pretty bad rap for being “aloof” or “stand-offish.” Some cats certainly fit that narrative, but does the whole species deserve to be maligned for the actions of a few?

Even the cuddliest, most attention seeking kitty is an independent beast deep down, and they certainly handle being alone just fine.

As long as the food and water is full and the litter is clean, they probably don’t even realize we’re gone.

This video just turned my whole world upside down. My cat is very self-sufficient and independent so when I leave, she’s fine, right? She may even be relieved that I’m not around to annoy her.

Or so I thought.

This video just opened my eyes to a side of cats I never knew about before. I guess I need to pay closer attention. Watch the video below and let us know what you think!

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