Professional Designer Turns Ordinary Home Into A Cat Paradise!

Anyone with a cat understands the incredible agility and curiosity of felines. They are famous for it for a reason! While it’s often impressive, occasionally they find ways to turn your whole house into a jungle gym. From the kitchen counters, to the top of your refrigerator, even climbing up the curtains; cats will make EVERYTHING their toy. Sometimes scratching posts just aren’t enough, and when that happens, you have to think outside the box!

That is exactly the philosophy Peter Cohen, a professional house builder and designer, took when he designed his cat house. When he bought his home in California, there were two feral cats that lived in the yard. What started out as a way to aid a couple of feral cats, later became a safe haven for 15 rescues that live the dream life! Cohen built bridges, indoor tunnels, and passageways throughout the home and the cats LOVE it! How cool is this?

Cohen isn’t the only person to go above and beyond for his cats. Take a look at another unbelievable cat house!

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