Wait A Minute. Bringing My Cat To Work Will Help My Productivity?!

All cat lovers know that our feline friends make the best companions, but unfortunately, many of us have to leave them at home when we head into work.

Recent studies have shown that pets in the workplace have real benefits for workers. A 2012 research study published in the International Journal of Workplace Health Management found that on-the-job stress levels fell when workers had their dogs at their side. For co-workers who either left their animals at home or who had no pet at all, the stress levels grew. Pets have also been proven to increase productivity and camaraderie.

The benefits of having pets in the workplace are clear. Here’s some of the best and coolest places to work where cats are the purrfect co-workers.

Dona Ana County Building – Las Cruces, New Mexico

What’s the best way to get kittens adopted and keep workers happy? The government workers at the Dona Ana County Building in Las Cruces, New Mexico came up with an ingenious solution by building a cat condo in their office lobby. Every worker has the opportunity to “check out” a cat from the condo for up to an hour, which affords the kittens important socialization and the workers some stress-free down time from work.

Poopy Cat Headquarters – Amsterdam

Poopy Cat is a company that makes disposable, biodegradable litter boxes. They keep four cats in office to help the staff test new product designs and they often get visiting cats too. The “catmosphere” is great for the employees and visitors alike!

This short video depicting what a regular is like at Poopy Cat shows cat lovers around the world how awesome cats can be in an office environment!

Ferray Corp – Tokyo

Ferray Corporation in Toyko has taken the cat craze sparked by the city’s cat cafes to the next level. This webpage construction, application development, and IT company adopted nine cats that live at the office and provide much needed companionship and stress relief for their workers.

Ferray’s employees are even encouraged to bring their own cats to work and receive a 5,000 yen (US $42) per month “cat bonus” to any employee that adopts a cat.

Bodega Cat – New York City

With space at a premium there’s simply no room for a large supermarket in New York City which means that bodegas (corner grocery shops) are a dime a dozen. One of the lesser known residents of the City that Never Sleeps is the Bodega Cat. Watch this charmingly tongue-in-cheek documentary chronicling the lives of this mysterious New York denizen.

Since the initiative started over a year ago, more than 100 cats have been adopted.

Reddit user Loocylooo, explains, “The county work [sic] with the local animal shelter, and because we get so much of the public coming through our lobby every day, they put up a large enclosed cat condo and some of the shelter kitties come here so they have a higher chance of being adopted. Meanwhile, the employees get to enjoy them, and it gives the cats a chance to be socialised [sic] before they are adopted.”

Careers for Cats – Everywhere!

Are your kitty’s amazing skills going to waste? Here’s are some purrrrfect career ideas for your cats if they can’t join you at your workplace. From massage therapists to professional furniture shredders, we’ve got your cat’s career covered!

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