New York Nativity’s Grumpy Christmas Cat Is Bringing Joy To The World

Away in a manger, somewhere in New York, a furry rendition of the Christmas tradition was discovered by a quick-thinking photographer.

Brooke Goldman from Astoria, Queens, was walking her boyfriend to the train station one early morning when she noticed a revision to the arrangement of a local manger.

A grumpy-looking cat had decided to take the leading role in a symbolic “cativity” scene.

“I was laughing pretty hard, especially at the fact that the cat looked pretty angry as well. I was invading his space, but I couldn’t pass up the moment,” Goldman told Bored Panda.

The slightly round, slightly upset-looking feline was no worse for wear after sitting for the photo, a small act of kindness that’s brought holiday joy to so many others.

“I frankly can’t get over the whole thing, because it truly is one of the funniest things that has ever happened to me,” Goldman said.

Source: Facebook/Michardo A cat in a Nativity scene isn't out of the question.

Source: Facebook/Michardo
A cat in a Nativity scene isn’t out of the question.

Countless others have enjoyed the image since Goldman first shared it online. The Christmas cat snap has brought her no shortage of attention from cat lovers in her community and around the world.

“It started off as a silly image in my neighborhood that is now being posted and shared all over the internet. I’m being interviewed, and it’s becoming a meme. This is a dream come true in the goofiest of ways,” she said.

Source: Facebook/Fat Cat Art Cafe You can find

Source: Facebook/Fat Cat Art Cafe
You can find “cativity” scenes every so often.

While a photographer by trade, Goldman has never considered the realm of pet portraiture. That may all change soon.

“I only use Facebook for looking at animal photos; I’ve turned a possibly toxic social environment into something incredibly humorous and positive for myself in using it in this way,” she said. “Definitely expect more animal photography from me!”

Source: Facebook/Stanley House Veterinary Group Sometimes, even dogs are involved!

Source: Facebook/Stanley House Veterinary Group
Sometimes, even dogs are involved!

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