Spoil Your Cat Rotten With A Catio

Until recently, catios (enclosed patios designed especially for cats) were considered a luxury to many cat owners. But things are changing. Thanks to helpful videos and other online resources, catios have seen a huge upsurge in popularity and are becoming much more commonplace amongst the cat-owning crowd.

The benefits are obvious: a catio provides a fully protected outdoor environment to allow cats to explore and stretch their legs while remaining out of harm’s way. Thanks to catios, owners no longer have to worry that their cats are in danger in the yard, nor that they are getting restless from being cooped up inside.

For all you cat lovers out there who have been looking for a way to share the outdoors with your kitty (or even those who haven’t!), we’ve put together the ultimate catio resource guide, including design inspiration, how-to kits, ready-made products, and insight from cat care experts.

Read on and follow the links to find everything you need to make your outdoors cat-friendly!

Be Inspired

If you’re just getting your feet wet in the catio world, start by taking a tour of an awesome self-designed catio in the video.

Need more design ideas? Check out Catio Showcase, a blog created to highlight “the many fabulous catios that people have created for their beloved cats in order to inspire you to create your own.” DIY cat owners from around the world have posted helpful hints, as well as photos and videos of their finished products.

Learn from the Best

Celeb cat advocate Jackson Galaxy has devoted an entire section of his website to the catio trend, featuring photos of awe-inspiring catios from all over the country along with insight from the owners who built them. A must see!

In this article from Catster.com, owner Marci Kladnik describes the process she underwent to design, assemble and outfit her amazing catio – on a tight budget too!

Build Your Own

Habitat Haven helps customers design and install their own custom catios to fit any home’s architectural parameters.

Catio Designs also produces a do-it-yourself design manual that features four different design options as well as “bonus” information about cool add-ons to include in your catio.

Just4Cats.com produces a 50-page, do-it-yourself manual, complete with photos, materials and measurements for you to create your very own outdoor cat enclosure. And it only costs $25! Their website also features photos and success stories from customers who have used the Just4Cats manual instructions. Pretty impressive!

Get One Delivered

In addition to their custom-designed installations, Habitat Haven also sells predesigned, easy-to-assemble kits.

Safe Kitty offers a ready-made, stand-alone enclosure that even the smallest of backyards can accommodate.

SunCATcher Enclosures produces multiple stand-alone units, most of which feature a tube connector or a cat door to allow your cat to enter and exit their outdoor sanctuary as they please! Spiffy!

If predators aren’t a problem, you could consider one of KittyWalk’s large selection of outdoor modules. They’re made with nylon mesh rather than metal, which makes them easy to transport, but not as safe as more permanent options.

Let the catio construction begin!

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