A Cat Gets His Head Stuck In A Jar, Then Goes Missing For 3 Days. Will They Be Able To Save Him In Time?

There are so many amazing people out there that look out for feral cat communities. By participating in the neuter/spay catch and release program, these communities are becoming more much manageable. When one feral cat that was a part of this program was seen with a jar stuck to his head, volunteers tried to catch him to get him the immediate help he needed. They couldn’t. After three days, most people would have given up but not these awesome humans! What happens next is incredible! Tiberius is one lucky boy! Stories like this make me so proud to be a human.

The most common misconception with strays and feral cats is that they are “wild” animals. Do you have feral cats in your community? If so, check out these awesome tips to help identify them and help them survive!

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