Buff Your Stats With These Magical Cats And Invite Your Feline Friends To Play Cards!

They say cats aren’t capable of advanced wizardry. They say they aren’t able to summon elementary goblins or even a low-level spriggan. They say cats aren’t battle-hungry and driven by conquest.

We’ve got a few that say otherwise.

If you’ve ever enjoyed a campaign with your fellow feline-friendly nerds around a hand of cards, you’re in for an upgrade. Get ready for your next game with the cat characters we’ve created below.

They may not give you an upper hand so much as a paw:

9. Furrax The Unboopable

Are you ready to face the wrath of the mighty Furrax? Just kidding, this is only a game. To some…


8. Bootsy Pawlins

This one isn’t kitten around!


7. Prince Pipsqueak

None cuter in all the land.


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6. Demi-Calicorgon

Woe be unto those who meet the Demi-Calicorgon


5. Plague Of Scratches

You’d better stock up on bandaids.


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