Chair Design Allows Cats And Their Owners To Comfortably Sit Together

Cats and their humans love to spend time together, but sometimes that time isn’t always spent side by side.

How many of us have found ourselves chilling on the couch while our feline friends are hanging out on the opposite side of the couch or in a chair directly across from us?

While they might not be directly in our laps, it still counts as quality time.


There is one award-winning design studio, SPACE International, which has come up with a piece of furniture that is precisely for the purpose of cats and owners being able to coexist in the same space. It is appropriately named the catHAUS.

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As the website explains, “The catHAUS is envisioned as a domestic retreat for an undomesticated species. It operates at the scale of both shelter and furniture—manipulating both into a feral landscape.” They shared a photo of the design on Facebook and it looks quite comfortable.

Photo: Facebook/Space International

The design features a tiny house look in which the interior is completely exposed minus some sisal rope. This means that your cat can come in and out as it pleases and then lounge on the synthetic turf inside the little house.

Photo: Facebook/Space International

It is even made to resist their little claws so your cat can tear at it all it wants. Meanwhile, you’re free to do your reading, working, etc., on the roof of the house.

What do you think of the cat and human furniture piece? Would you want one for you and your pet? Let us know!

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