A Cat Adopts Ducklings And Nurses Them! INCREDIBLE!

What farm isn’t complete without ducks? So, these farmers brought in fertilized duck eggs. When it came time for the eggs to hatch, the ducklings went missing. Their cat was seen nearby and it was just assumed that she mistook the ducklings for dinner. But in fact, the exact opposite happened. The cat had just given birth, and with her mothering instincts very much intact, she brought the ducklings to her nest to join her new litter. Now, that’s not all. As if that wasn’t amazing enough! The ducklings actually began to nurse! But wait, ducks don’t do that! Well, it must have been the smell of the kittens nursing that made the ducks “forage” for the cat instead of a usual duckling meal.

As the ducks grew, they stayed nearby but did assert some independence that mama cat didn’t really like. Watch as she picks them up and puts them back with her babies. She is so gentle with them! This story is just too incredible not to love!

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