New Table Allows You To Work While Your Cat Plays All Around You

Since we’re all working from home now – and many of us finding that it’s looking like we’ll be home for the foreseeable future – we’ve probably had to make a lot of adjustments. Since I’m currently renting a one bedroom apartment, I’ve had to learn how to share my sacred writing space with my spouse – not the easiest. We’ve all had to contend with people in our workspace, including our pets. Our dogs love to love us, and our cats just don’t care – they’ll use your workspace like their own personal playground and nap station.

But Ruan Hao, with Hong Kong’s LYCS architecture firm, was proactive in creating a solution for cat owners everywhere. He has came up with the CATable. As the wooden table has been described by LYCS, it’s a “table for us, and a paradise for cats.”

The unique thing about this desk is that it doesn’t deter your cat. Instead, it encourages your cat to interact with it through a series of cat sized tunnels, hideouts, and caves on the underside of the desk. On the top, it’s a flat surface where you can comfortably work.

It’s a win-win because while your cat happily plays in the jungle gym below, your workstation is protected, meaning you can get a lot of work done. And if that doesn’t sound appealing enough, the architecture firm also created a CATable 2.0 as well. This improved CATable has several stackable blocks that create shelving space for you, and a sort of “ant farm” aesthetic for your cat to play in.

These creations might just be the answer to all your problems, so if you are interested, check them out on LYCS’ website.

Check out the video of the CATable below:

Pretty nifty, right?

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