This Could Have Ended So Much Worse For One Terrified Cat!

Imagine walking down the street, thinking this would be an ordinary day, when you suddenly see a crowd building. Then you see a firetruck. Oh no, something must be wrong! Except in this scenario it’s not a human who is in trouble. It is a cat, and for animal lovers like us, that kind of makes things worse!

Like the age old tradition, firefighters are rescuing a cat but not from a tree. From a VERY HIGH telephone wire. Compared to this, a tree branch is looking pretty cushie, right? MY GOSH! Your blood is rushing through your veins, you’re breaking out in a sweat. It’s horrifying and you can only hold your breath and pray.

Source: YouTube/Salah NEWS
Source: YouTube/Salah NEWS

Thankfully, the firefighters are quick thinkers with big cat-loving hearts. What they do to save this kitty’s life is fantastic. What are you waiting for? Watch it already! LOL 😉

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