Watching A Cat Play This Game Is Oddly Satisfying

Playing with your cat and keeping her happy and stimulated, is just as satisfying for you as it is for her. Cats still have their predator instincts. Part of keeping your cat happy and healthy is to exercise those instincts by playing games like this one.

Does your cat chase bugs or bugs that you can’t see? I call that the imaginary bug game and it’s really funny to watch. That is another way that felines keep their skills intact.

What kinds of games do you play with your cat? My cat LOVES her catnip toys. She plays her version of fetch with them. It keeps her entertained while she gets some good exercise. ALL animals need exercise. Even as they age. It helps with joints too. Just like humans, keeping joints in motion helps them from going stiff and causing pain.

Source: YouTube/The Dodo
Source: YouTube/The Dodo

This game of whack-a-mole is a great and inexpensive way to have a fun play sesh with your kitty!

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