Scaredy Cat Takes On Rat, Loses Big-Time

Ever feel like you could take on the world? You step out the door, breathe deep, and think, Bring it on. I’ve totally got this.

But then you find out that no, no you do not “got this.” You most definitely do not have things under control, and you completely overestimated your ability to handle the situation. You just want to crawl back in bed and forget the whole day ever happened.

Such was the case for a mighty gray tabby proudly patrolling his corner. When he saw a rat from across the street, he was affronted. A rat? In his territory? Not on his watch! The rat was definitely going to have to be “taken care of.” So the tabby leaps off his corner, ready to take care of business.

Photo: YouTube/Daniel Kalemasi

Except the rat didn’t get the memo that he’s supposed to be afraid of cats. And he seems to think that Mr. Tabby is in rat territory, not the other way around. First, he freaks the cat out. Then he sends the cat running. Just to make sure kitty knows where he stands, the rat chases him clean across the street.

Photo: YouTube/Daniel Kalemasi

Kitty turns around a couple times in an attempt to make a final stand, but no, it’s not to be. The rat has him hopping and leaping all over the road. Hopefully these two will be able to come to some sort of friendly agreement someday, because right now it seems the cat will not be able to hold up his head in front of his friends!

Watch the hilarious encounter below!

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