Cat Lovers Paradise Located In Taiwan

MEOW! is the proper greeting in this cat village.

A former mining village, Houtong in Taiwan, is now inhabited mostly by cats. Nestled in the hills you will discover a piece of purridise. This town is home to over 200 cats. The feral cats roam free, and are admired by visitors and locals alike.

Village founder and cat photographer, Jian Peiling, arranged volunteers to help vaccinate all the cats. The cats are well cared for by the locals receiving veterinary care and spayed/neutered. The town honored their furry neighbors with statues and art displayed throughout town.


People come from all over to visit this purrfect village. Who could resist spending time with these outspoken and charismatic cats. No two are the same in color or personality. The village has local shops and restaurants, but the major draw are the cats. Many of the cats are wild, but the locals have microchipped them for safety. Most stores sell cat treats that can be fed to the friendly felines, as you stroll through town.

You will find cats napping all over the village. Some cozy up on a shop table among the merchandise, while others stroll through the restaurant looking for table scraps.


“Currently, the cat population of the village is double that of humans, with millions of people visiting per year to come along and see the cats,” reports Metro.

This relaxing village full of soft purrs and fluffy cats is now on my bucket list.

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