Family Catches Cat Using Toilet Instead Of The Litterbox

A family in the United Kingdom got quite the surprise when they discovered their cat going to the bathroom in the toilet!

Someone in the family had their phone out recording when they captured the cat strolling down the stairs. They focused the camera on the cat and caught her walking straight into the bathroom.

Once she was in the bathroom, the cat hopped onto the open toilet, crouched over the top, and began to pee! Apparently, the cat has decided the toilet is her new place to potty and she’s made a habit of going in there now.

Photo: YouTube/ViralHog
Photo: YouTube/ViralHog

Her family shared the video with ViralHog saying, “We found the cat peeing in the toilet one day, now she meows to tell us if the door’s shut or the lid’s down so she can pee!”

Check it out below:

While most pet cats are trained to use a litter box, there are some who choose to do their business elsewhere. It’s pretty lucky that this cat happened to choose a toilet! That’s one smart feline.

If you watched the video and were inspired to train your own cat to use the potty, it’s actually possible and some people opt to toilet train their cats as opposed to litter box train them. After all, dealing with a litter box is one of the worse parts of caring for a cat, and according to Vet Street, cats misusing litterboxes is one of the main reasons they are surrendered to shelters.

Photo: flickr/I am R.

The idea of toilet training cats became so prevalent that one cat owner who was fed up with his litterbox even created a system to toilet train cats back in 2005!

It’s not recommended to toilet train cats that are already litter box trained, but some kittens may be good candidates for it. It’s also possible that a cat may just up and decide to use a toilet, like the one in the video!

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