Rescue Cat Transformations That Will Make You Want To Hug Humanity!

Note: Some images may be disturbing to some viewers, BUT they all end happily. We promise!

When an animal is rescued, he or she gets a second chance. A second chance at life, a second chance to be the animal they were born to be. Sadly, these 12 cats had to suffer to begin with. However, they got their happy ending because kind humans went out of their way to rescue them and give them loads of TLC! With patience, proper health care, and lots of warmth, recovery is possible.

Yes, it is true that humans are responsible for some of the harm that comes to these animals that need rescuing, but I promise you that there is more good out there than bad.

I see people, on a daily basis, go out of their way for their children, for nature, for animals. They have giant, kind hearts that will hopefully make you believe that humanity is something to have faith in. I know I have it, even with all the things I see with my job. And some are pretty sad! These 12 cats are where they are today thanks to lots of love. I’m a big fan of love… aren’t you?

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