Serious-Looking Cat Asks Owner For Treats

Animals are smarter than we give them credit for. Anyone who’s had cats probably knows just how clever they can be, but sometimes that cleverness goes a little bit further and appears almost human-like.

That can be seen when cats use whatever they can to communicate their needs. Sometimes they meow or rub against our legs, but sometimes they use even more advanced tactics to tell us what they want.

For a doll-faced Persian cat named Blake, he knows exactly how to get what he wants.

Photo: Max Pixel

Blake’s owner shared a video on YouTube showing how the cat asks for treats and it’s both adorable and clever.

The cat can be seen sitting on a coffee table and reaching out to tap his owner’s leg.

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Photo: YouTube/ePaige Evans

After he’s gotten his owner’s attention, Blake turns his attention to the treat tub and gives it a couple of taps.

Photo: YouTube/Paige Evans

His expression is so serious the whole time!

Watch the video below:

Blake has thousands of fans on social media, and it’s easy to see why. His fluffy face has human-like features that make his serious expression even more endearing.

You can follow him on Instagram, @blakeandsibs.

Have you ever had a cat that begs for treats? How did they do it? Let us know!

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