Unique Table Lets Cats Be The Center Of Attention At Dinner

For about $1,500, your cat can have the best seat in the house for dinner time — right in the center of the table!

The new product, from Japanese manufacturers Dinos, is an oak dinner table with a specially-designed hole in the middle, for your feline friend to poke their head through. Under the hole is a circular base so they can stay seated as they dine with you.

The unusual product is just one in a series from Dinos that accommodates cats into ordinary furniture.


Others include an entertainment center that houses a litter box, a bookshelf with steps for cats to climb on, and more.

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On their site, Dinos notes that this table is “For you who always want to feel a cat by your side. You will be healed by your cat who pops out of the hole in the table.”

Photo: Max Pixel

That claim may be a bit overly illustrative, but who knows? Maybe your cat will work miracles for you if they’ve got a front-row seat to every meal you eat. I know plenty of cats who make themselves at home on the kitchen table anyway — I’m sure they’d appreciate an open invitation and specially-reserved seat!

I know what you’re thinking. This table with a hole for my cat in the center doesn’t do quite enough to make them comfortable. Well, have no fear! The Dinos site notes that “For cats who want to relax more, we also offer cushions for shelves (sold separately).”

Each table, shelf, or piece of furniture is handmade to order by Japanese craftsmen, showing that they take their mission “to live happily with each other without wasting space” very seriously.

They do make regular furniture without spaces for cats as well if you’re cat-free or just in the mood to spite your pet.

If you’re interested in the cat-hole table or any of Dinos other products, check out their site here!

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