Cat Superstitions from Around the World

Cats are a loved and revered animal. Popular myths from all over the world demonstrate that people don't seem to fully understand the animals. Check out these popular cat superstitions to see how others have viewed your furry friend throughout the ages:

Egyptians and Romans alike believed cats to be majestic creatures. Both cultures held the animals in high regard, but Egyptians more so. In fact, many ancient Egyptians likened felines to the goddess Hathor, who took the form of a lion. When a pet cat died in ancient Egypt, the family mummified, buried and mourned it. 

Old Chinese folklore noted that cats used to be in charge of the planet and that they could speak. However, felines turned over the job of Earth overlords to humans so they could lay around instead.

Europe had a more negative view of cats, especially after the Dark Ages. In many places across the continent, people believed that witches would disguise themselves as cats.

Felines have also been associated with the fairy world. In fact, in Norway cats are thought to be fairies taking a particular form. Legend has it that if you stare deep into a cat's eyes, you can see the fairy world. 

People in India have long believed that a black cat crossing your path is a bad omen. 

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